Creative Director

Creative/art director, Concept Artist, illustrator, photographer (including photo direction/editing), web/social media image creation/editing, Package Art & more

Toy Fair 2020 Brand Book
Creation of Brand Book for the 2020 NY Toy Fair , showcasing a history of the company, licenses, process and more.
Kurgan 1:4 Statue
Concept Art, Product Photography, Social Media/Website Photo Editing for product featuring characters from the 1986 movie Highlander
Terminator: Dark Fate
Concept art for Collectible Statues based on the feature film
Jareth 1:4 Statue
Concept Art, Photo Direction, Photo Editing, Package Design for Product based on characters appearing in the 1986 feature film Labyrinth
Jurassic Park Rotunda Rex
Concept Art (Base Design) and package design for statue featuring creatures from the 1993 feature film jurassic park
Thulsa Doom 1:4 Statue
Concept art (base design) and package art for product based on character from the 1982 feature film Conan the Barbarian
Package Art
Package Art for various projects utilizing client style guides
Product Photography
Product photography for use on social media websites, maintaining a consistent company branding and incorporating all relevant logos and legal info.
Concept Art
Various Concept Art and Final Product Images (where applicable) ranging from 2016 - 2020
Star Trek Spirits Pitch Concepts
Pitch ideas to launch sister company focused on licensed spirits, starting with a line of Star Trek inspired products
Label Designs for Licensed Spirits
Label designs created for various licensed spirits pitches/completed product
Licensed Spirits Social Media Art
Marketing images for licensed spirits campaigns
HBO's Game of Thrones The Compendium
Contributing Artist, Jon Snow piece selected for entry in the Compendium. Other GOT art selected as runners up, but not published
Commissioned Art signed by Actors
Various commissioned pieces signed by the actors ranging from 2009 to 2019
Movie Poster Concept Art
Concept art for various movie projects
The Fantasy Illustration Library - Volume Two
Contributing Artist
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